The Tascam DR-100 MK II is a new and improved version of Tascam’s DR-100.  Although not perfect, I loved the DR-100.  Like its predecessor, the DR-100 MKII is a professional level, two-channel audio recorder that records up to 24-bit 96khz uncompressed wave files files to SD or SDHC flash media.  It has 2, high-quality, XLR-microphone inputs as well as line inputs, but it also has high-quality onboard stereo condenser microphones, pinhole omni directional microphones, it uses removable AA batteries as well as a lithium ion rechargeable battery.  This recorder is definitely the best microphone preamp for the money in the $300 range.  Here is a list of some of the improvements in the new model:

  • Much improved preamps and internal stereo condenser microphones
  • Locking Latches for the XLR inputs
  • Digital I/O (S/PDIF Input)
  • Dual Line Level Output

Quick Summary:

Memory: SD/SDHC
Sample rate /Bitdepth: up to 24/96
Microphone Input type: External: XLR Internal: Pinhole Omni and Uni-Directional Stereo Condenser
Phantom Power: yes
Interface: USB 2
Cost: $ 329

Video Overview:


The DR-100 MK II has excellent microphone preamps resulting in professional sounding recordings.  I wish Tascam had added the ability to record 4 channels and to physically adjust the positioning of the onboard, unidirectional microphones and added the ability to record as a broadcast wave file (Each of these were included in the much cheaper Tascam DR-40), but the improvements in quality far outweigh the deficiencies. Additionally, this is my current favorite audio recorder  for recording dual source audio for DSLR video.  This is a sturdy, easy to use recorder that will no doubt give you professional recordings if used correctly with the appropriate microphones.  This is a recorder that I will definitely use for our center.

Here is a link to view the video tutorial Getting Started: Tascam DR-100 MK II




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  1. Just try it now!
    one of the best thing what i recommending!

  2. I just bought the Tascam DR 100 MKII and I\’ve set it up. Your videos have been very helpful. I\\\\\’m completely new to good digital recorders – a real beginner. Two questions: What mic do you recommend and what do you think about this:\\\\\’m using this for interviews for my research.Thanks,Jena HeathAustin

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