Digital Omnium Launches: Oral History and Digital Technologies

Digital Omnium is a blog featuring regular posts on topics relating to digital technologies  pertaining to recording, archiving, digital preservation and online dissemination of oral histories.  My name is Doug Boyd and I have worked closely with oral history, folklore, archives and digital technologies for over 15 years.  During this time, I have led numerous workshops, taught several courses and worked as a consultant for a variety of institutions.

So why should you read or follow this blog?  I want Digital Omnium to serve as an ongoing place for me to post practical and current advice for those recording or curating oral history whether audio or video.  I want to share my thought into best practices in an ongoing fashion and provide realistic and usable insight.  Digital technologies provide exciting opportunities for oral history but rapid changes can often be confusing for practitioners.  Since I get hundreds of requests for advice each year, I thought the time was right to centralize this dialogue.  So here we go.  If you are not familiar with my work, check out my current bio and be sure to subscribe to Digital Omnium.

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