Here are some of my favorite digital tools that may prove useful for core aspects of the oral history process.  I will be adding to this on a continuous basis, adding new tools and categories of tools periodically, so stay tuned.  Many of these tools are tools we are actively using at the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History.

Collection Management, Exhibit, User Experience

OHMS (enhancing online access, indexing, transcript synchronization, metadata, free, open source)

ArchivesSpace (collection management system, repository)

CollectiveAccess (collection management system, repository, free, open source)

Hydra (repository)

Omeka (online exhibit, collection management, free, open source)

WordPress (content management system, online exhibit, free, open source)

Reclaim Hosting (web host, commercial [but awesome])

Digital Preservation

Exactly (transfer tool, free)

Fixity (checksum, fixity, free)

MediaInfo (technical metadata, audio and video, free)

BWFMetaEdit (technical metadata, audio, free)

Transcription and Indexing

Express Scribe (transcribing [manual], free, USB foot pedal compatible)

PopUp Archive (transcribing [automated], commercial service)

OHMS (indexing, transcript synchronization, metadata, free)



Audio Capture/Editing/Processing Software

Sound Forge Pro  (audio editing/processing, stereo $399)

Audacity (audio editing/processing, multi-track, free)

WaveLab (audio editing/processing, stereo)

ProTools  (audio editing/processing, multi-track)

Adobe Audition CC  (audio editing/processing, multi-track)

Izotope RX  (audio editing/processing, noise reduction)


Video Editing/Processing Software

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X (video editing, professional, semi-professional, novice)

Adobe Premiere (video editing, professional)

Telestream’s Episode (batch processing: professional)


 Video Streaming








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  1. Hey Digital Omnium,

    Great list of tools. Its always nice to have a list that you can continually update and refer too. Some of these digital tools are very helpful to students and developers. Hope you continue to add to it 🙂


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