Featured General Recording — 02 March 2012

Although not ideal in most professional circumstances, I can see the possibility of using an iPhone for audio recording an oral history interview. Especially with hardware add-ons such as the Blue Mikey. But the iPhone for professional level video? A common theme on this blog will be examining affordable strategies for capturing and preserving digital video.  I absolutely love to watch well lit, high quality interviews shot using high definition video.  HD recording devices are becoming inexpensive and thus, ubiquitous.  Last year, it was reported that the New York Times began outfitting reporters with the iPhone 4 because of the high quality HD capability. This was one of those moments. Professional application of cell phone camera footage is a pretty good indicator that this mode of video capture will become the norm.  As I own an iPhone 4s, I know that it shoots high quality HD in 1080p footage of my beautiful and brilliant children.  However, my question is will it hold up for an oral history interview.

  1. Oral History interviews can be very long
  2. Low end video cameras, especially camera phones, are notoriously bad at capturing audio.  Audio is essential if utilizing this technology for oral history.

So, I am on a mission to see if these ubiquitous devices will prove worthy and effective for capturing oral history interviews.  Stay tuned for results of this ongoing quest.


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