Bourbon Whiskey, Controlled Vocabularies, and Library of Congress Subject Headings

A brief video documenting our journey to have Bourbon whiskey established as a Library of Congress Subject Heading. To quote the post from the Nunn Center’s blog, “Catalogers and metadata specialists around the world were forced [...]

Keep It Simple: Enhancing Video Footage with Final Cut Pro X

The following video is the first in an ongoing series of tutorials called “Keep It Simple” which explores technical workflows that may seem difficult on the surface but really aren’t.  I will explore all kinds of [...]

Using a Shotgun Microphone for Video Interviewing

For my video interviews I have always preferred lapel microphones for capturing the audio.  In my short article “Microphone Strategies for Recording Video for Oral Histories” published on Oral History in the Digital Age my bias for the [...]

Sneak Peak at the OHMS Viewer: Segment Linking

We just added a new feature to the OHMS viewer–the ability to create direct links to individual segments in an OHMS index.  Now, you can dynamically send your users to specific moments in an oral history [...]

Audio for Video Oral Histories

Lately, I have been thinking a great deal about video, quality and affordability as I look for ways to achieve optimal video recording for affordable prices.  High quality cameras are affordable and easy to use now [...]

Oral History in the Digital Age Launches

This week we launched the first phase of the Oral History in the Digital Age project ( to explore best practices for collecting, curating and disseminating oral history featuring over 70 engaging essays, a portal to [...]

Getting Started: Tascam DR-100 MKII

The following is a video tutorial on the setup and basic use of the Tascam DR-100 MKII digital audio recorder.  This video includes basic tips and a visual walk through the initial setup and configuration of [...]

Three-Point Lighting for Video Oral History

Professional video technologies are becoming more accessible and we are seeing more oral history projects being designed utilizing high definition video as the primary recording method.  Professional looking video can be a powerful way to capture [...]