Oral History in the Digital Age Launches

This week we launched the first phase of the Oral History in the Digital Age project ( to explore best practices for collecting, curating and disseminating oral history featuring over 70 engaging essays, a portal to [...]

Mac Audio Editing Software Company Out of Business

Just a reminder about how dependent we are on commercial entities and how precarious that dependency can be.  So, for the past 15 years, there has been a dominant mac-based, professional stereo audio editing system.  Peak, [...]

A Simple Act of Digital Preservation: The Checksum and Oral History

Have you ever had a digital file corrupt? Probably. I have certainly encountered data file corruption and it is, personally, very frustrating, and, from an archival perspective, it can be devastating. Most of the time we [...]

Noise Reduction for Oral History: The Stars of Ballymenone, A Case Study

So I am going to talk about a powerful example of using noise reduction tools for oral history, merging technology and tradition.  First, some background.  Ballymenone is a district located in the north of Ireland in [...]

Oral History in the Digital Age–Best Practices

We are nearing the final stages of the Oral History in the Digital Age project, an IMLS funded project to pull together experts from all over the nation to make recommendations about best practices for collecting, [...]

Digital Omnium Launches: Oral History and Digital Technologies

Digital Omnium is a blog featuring regular posts on topics relating to digital technologies  pertaining to recording, archiving, digital preservation and online dissemination of oral histories.  My name is Doug Boyd and I have worked closely [...]