Noise Reduction for Oral History: The Stars of Ballymenone, A Case Study

So I am going to talk about a powerful example of using noise reduction tools for oral history, merging technology and tradition.  First, some background.  Ballymenone is a district located in the north of Ireland in [...]

Sneak Peak: OHMS, the Latest Version

Three years ago, I worked with Eric Weig, who managed the Kentucky Digital Library (KDL), to create a better way to present oral history online. The Nunn Center was focusing energy on transcription and the KDL [...]

Digital Audio Recording Levels: Tutorial

So, in years past, I have posted several video tutorials.  The one that has been least-viewed on YouTube is probably the most important with regard to oral history technology.  So I have completely reworked my video [...]

iPhone and Oral History?

Although not ideal in most professional circumstances, I can see the possibility of using an iPhone for audio recording an oral history interview. Especially with hardware add-ons such as the Blue Mikey. But the iPhone for [...]

Oral History in the Digital Age–Best Practices

We are nearing the final stages of the Oral History in the Digital Age project, an IMLS funded project to pull together experts from all over the nation to make recommendations about best practices for collecting, [...]