Lately, I have been thinking a great deal about video, quality and affordability as I look for ways to achieve optimal video recording for affordable prices.  High quality cameras are affordable and easy to use now and there is no doubt that video is increasing in popularity on the user side.  However, sometimes lower-cost, prosumer cameras make it difficult to capture decent audio.  Several months ago, I wrote and article for the Oral History in the Digital Age online publication called “Microphone Strategies for Recording Video for Oral History Interviews” where I say “nothing will degrade the effect of professional looking video more than a video with bad sound. One of the keys to creating “professional” quality video is to also record professional quality audio.”  This takes a lot of strategizing and planning and, of course, practice to optimize audio levels for the video camera you are using.

Here is a video I created testing out the different microphone strategies for recording good audio for video oral histories.  For more details, take a look at the article at Oral History in the Digital Age.



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